Together, Superman and Batman square off with against the greatest threats known to the Fans of DC Comics' classic characters will find much to love here. This week, finally, audiences get to see the Dark Knight take on the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While it'll be the first. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have traveled to Apokolips to rescue Kara Zor-El. But has she gone to the Darkseid? For more information, see the.


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Joss Whedon "Sam's Story", a back-up story written by Jeph Loeb 10 days after his son's death, depicts young Clark Kent's friendship with a boy named Sam who gets cancer. Tim Sale provides the art for the story in a style reminiscent of the Superman for All Seasons miniseries.

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If they cannot reverse the process in time, the women's personalities will soon reassert themselves and destroy the men's consciousness, killing them. In "The Enemies Among Us" issues 28—33, illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver for Parts 1—3, with Matthew Clark picking up Parts 4—5 and Joe Benitez concluding superman batman comics Part 6Superman, Martian Manhunter and other alien superheroes are being controlled by an entity known as Blackrockwhich later infects Batman when he takes the rock to successfully stand up to Superman.


After Superman visits Lois Lane to be reminded why he fights for Earth, he is able to force Blackrock to leave Batman by convincing it that he will kill his friend to spare him being used by the rock. Tracking Blackrock superman batman comics its source, they discover that it was actually being 'led' by Desperowho convinced an alien race that Earth was not worth saving by giving them access to Superman's mind during a period of self-doubt.

Challenging the aliens to read his mind again, Superman convinces superman batman comics that they were wrong about Earth. Bruce Wayne hires the Metal Men as security guards.

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They go on a rampage and steal a prototype OMAC unit. Alan Burnett[ edit ] Known for his work on the DC animated universe and The Batman television series, Alan Burnett took over as writer of the series with issue In "Torment" 37 to 42, illustrated by Dustin NguyenSuperman is psychologically tortured by the Scarecrow and brought to the war planet Tartaros by DeSaad.

DeSaad plants a mind-controlling spike in Superman's head, and sends him to retrieve Highfather 's staff from the Source Superman batman comicswhich Darkseid plans to use to restore his powers, which have been steadily waning since his escape from the wall.

Batman comes after Superman, but is sidetracked by Orion 's wife Bekka. Both are unable to control their attraction to one another.

Superman/Batman Vol 1

Superman retrieves the staff, superman batman comics is trapped in the Source Wall as a result. Batman and Bekka take advantage of DeSaad's attempted betrayal of Darkseid to steal the staff and bring back Superman. Superman, Batman and Bekka return to Earth, bringing Scarecrow with them. Bekka is retrieved by Orion, and is later seen being killed by a shadowy assailant.


In "Darklight" 43, illustrated by Mike McKoneDoctor Light infiltrates a dark matter fuel experiment on a Superman batman comics satellite, by creating solidgram versions of the original Teen Titans to distract the guards. He then superman batman comics the experiment's Kryptonian processor to enter the Fortress of Solitude.

While Superman battles the Titan solidgrams, Batman manages to head off and defeat Light by trapping him in a Dark Matter crystal. Light is later freed by Lex Luthor, who wants him to join his new Injustice League.


In "Nanopolis" 57—59the Prankster tricks Superman and shrinks him to microscopic size. Batman must find him and return him to normal size. Superman batman comics returning to normal, the two heroes must rescue the microscopic civilization whose existence has been inadvertently endangered by the Prankster.

Mike Johnson and Michael Green[ edit ] As of issue 46, Mike Johnson joined with Michael Green to continue the series; issue 44 was the beginning of the new run. They are the first writers to superman batman comics regular roles on this series since Jeph Loeb. In "K" 44 to 49, illustrated by Shane DavisSuperman and Batman began a mission to collect and rid the Earth of every piece of Kryptonite, a substance lethal to Superman, which has been in great abundance since Kara's arrival earlier in this series.

Along the way, Batman and Superman receive a lot of support from other heroes, including Firestormlooking for membership in the JLA.

They surprisingly also encounter some resistance, especially from the new Aquaman. This story also includes the reveal of two new variations of Kryptonite that have been also enhanced by a magical charm.