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The position of the ball is a primary reference point whilst the grid itself gives them a reference point on how to position themselves according to the different situations.

If followed correctly, spielverlagerung em vorschau guidelines can help a team achieve a strong level of spacing with appropriate distances between players conducive to near-optimal ball circulation. This is highly problematic in nearly all phases of their possession.

Neither consistently take up positions which can help their spielverlagerung em vorschau in moving the ball forwards and the build-up stagnates rather regularly.

Without a means of moving the ball past the oppositional press, they also become quite susceptible to the pressure which can in turn cause some dangerous situations for the Manchester team.

Preview: Guardiola's Manchester City |

Four players within touching-distance and just one in the midfield block. In the same play as the graphic below, they demonstrated the limiting power a spielverlagerung em vorschau positional structure has within the final third.


With literally no players occupying the central column of space, it is nearly impossible for City to fashion out a chance of any quality. There are no players to pass to in dangerous positions and the side are spielverlagerung em vorschau to pass the ball backwards.

The strange 4-chain in the deepest line is completely unnecessary too, as it simply means that there are less players further upfield to occupy more progressive positions. Weak spacing in the final third means little way to penetrate the 10 spielverlagerung em vorschau.

Calibre - Open books

Not only is there a distinct lack of pressure once a turnover is made, but open gaps are plentiful in the midfield which allowed teams such as Leicester to cut through them last season.

This issue predominantly stems spielverlagerung em vorschau their weak spacing when in possession. If the players are disconnected and distributed poorly when they have the ball, then the same factors are going to impact their attempts at counterpressing.

It becomes difficult to form a strong counterpress from spielverlagerung em vorschau weak positional structure. With a poor attacking shape, City are now exposed on the break. In the case that the opposition defender intercepts the ball, there will be open spaces to move the ball into and away from pressure of any counterpressing forwards.

M. B. ( of Spielverlagerung EM-Vorschau)

A clear example of this is to the left. City have tried to spielverlagerung em vorschau but their weak shape was a contributing factor as they lost the ball in a turnover.

Recuperate the ball imminently when lost in spaces where we are united. This obviously makes transitioning into defence much more prone to counter-attacks with there commonly being an under-manned counterpress or an absence of recovery runs being made.

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By improving the spacing through the above-mentioned adaptions, Guardiola will give his team a much stronger starting position from which to counterpress. With a better spielverlagerung em vorschau shape with stronger numbers around the ball, City will theoretically be able to quickly apply pressure with numerous players and from various angles in close vicinity to the opposition ball-carrier.

The ex-Bayern boss is also famed for his short passing approach; something which can be spielverlagerung em vorschau influential feature for the defensive transition.


Because the passes are generally short, there are often players close by in case the ball gets intercepted. Spielverlagerung em vorschau turnovers, they are close enough to the ball to enforce a counterpress to try and stunt their counter if not ideally regain control over the ball.

As for the type of counterpressing we can expect to see next year at City, the Catalan coach implemented one based around the passing lanes in his native country. Upon losing possession of the ball, the players will prime themselves to anticipate the first pass by the opposition and look to intercept it in the passing lanes.

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