Soldadura y Unión The gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process is a very versatile, all-position welding process that is widely used to join Ni-/Co-base alloys. Cursos de soldadura MIG, TIG, STICK. Promoción 3 cursos por el precio de 2. barrera que obstruye el flujo de electrones entre el electrodo y el proyecto durante la realización de la soldadura TIG (en inglés, GTAW) con corriente alterna.


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Welding-grade argon shielding gas soldadura gtaw a Shielding gas flow rates are critical; too low of a rate will not provide adequate protection of the weld pool, while too high of a rate can increase turbulence and aspirate air.

Generally, the shielding gas cup should be as large as practical so that the shielding gas can be delivered at lower velocity.

It is also recommended that the welding torch be equipped with a gas lens in order to stabilize the gas flow and provide optimum shielding gas coverage.

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This can be caused by air movement from fans, cooling systems, drafts, etc. When proper shielding is achieved, the as-deposited weld metal should typically have a bright-shiny appearance and require only minor wire brushing between passes.

In addition to welding torch shielding gas, a back-purge at the root side of the weld joint with welding-grade argon is suggested.

Soldadura gtaw backing bars are often used to assist in weld bead shape on the root side of the soldadura gtaw.


Soldadura gtaw gas is often introduced though small holes along the length of the backing bar. There are situations where backing bars cannot be used. Under these conditions, open-butt welding is often performed.

Such welding conditions are often encountered during pipe or tube circumferential butt welding.

Under these conditions where access to the root side of the joint is not possible, special gas flow conditions have been established. Detailed information concerning back-purging soldadura gtaw pipe welding is soldadura gtaw from Haynes International upon request.

If a large drag angle is utilized, air may be drawn into the shielding gas and contaminate the weld.

The arc length should be maintained as short as possible, especially during autogenous welding. Stringer bead techniques, or narrow weave techniques, using soldadura gtaw enough current to melt soldadura gtaw base material and allow proper fusion of the filler, are recommended.

Filler metal should be added carefully at the leading edge of the weld pool to avoid contact soldadura gtaw the tungsten electrode. Since retiring from full-time teaching, he remains very active in the welding community, especially in the field of education.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW / -TIG-)

He serves on several welding program technical advisory committees and has visited high school, college, and soldadura gtaw campuses in more than forty states and four foreign countries. Professor Jeffus has served for 12 years as a board member on the Texas Workforce Investment Council in the Texas Governor's office where he works to develop a skilled workforce and bring economic development to the state.

He served as a member of the Apprenticeship Project Leadership Team where he helped establish apprenticeship training programs for Texas, and he has made numerous trips to Washington lobbying for vocational and technical education.