Anne Golon. Extract from back fly-leaf citing numbers Flower Is the author who brought Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup, later Countess Peyrac to the. Anne Golon, Writer: Angélique, marquise des anges. Anne Golon was born on December 17, in Toulon, Var, France as Simone Changeux. She was a. Anne Golon (17 December – 14 July ) was a French author, better known to English-speaking readers as Sergeanne Golon. She was most known for.


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Anne Golon

Find numerous used Sergeanne Golon books when you browse the eBay listings, including some from Top-rated Sellers. We got back and she looked at the piles which Brigitte had dexterously arranged and the individual signing of reserved books got under way.

My apologies to Anne at this juncture as I understand she hates having her photo taken with her specs on! Anna and I continued to fuss the animals and gander at the books in wonderment whilst Anne very assiduously wanted to know about each person who had purchased a book from the auction.

We filled in what we knew about everyone and it was very touching to see how interested she was in all that we could tell her about the various sergeanne golon.

Sergeanne Golon

As I had a spare of this version, and we were to learn later that Anne had not seen many of the covers before, Anna N, Brigitte and myself all signed a dedication in the front of it for Nadja as a keepsake. We mentioned to Anne what we were proposing to do and she sergeanne golon her agreement.

OK — I digressed but you know me — one of the reasons that reminded me of the book is that Marijana in Australia had sent a photo of herself toasting Anne remember at Christmas?


Gerry had also written a poem for her and she wanted a simultaneous translation at once! Throughout she consulted Nadja and Brigitte as to what was acceptable.

But in truth, she looked tired on completion and we did not press for her to sign all the others for the auction that did not need personal dedications.

She then again, went through the covers, marvelling at some, commenting on others — all completely valid. As they do not possess many of the English version ones, we extracted copies of all of them and gave them to her to add to her collection — it was rather nice that sergeanne golon could do that — which is why the auction was suddenly so depleted!

We then trotted off sergeanne golon the top of the hill — of course! She was interested in two things mainly, why the idea of the sunburst and the choice of lettering used. I told her that it struck me as an obvious choice to link the Sun King in and that the script resembled sergeanne golon writings of the time and many of the English-version titles on the books.

Anne Golon - IMDb

We made sure she had crossed the road safely, she turned and waved and we all went home. Anna Sergeanne golon was splitting her sides and very nearly those frail ribs of hers at the sight sergeanne golon us agog!

The next day we went over to Versailles again — this time only Anna N and myself as Bridge had to go to work imagine!

There — how many of you wondered what was going on? Now you have your answer — mystery solved.

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We had forgotten why we were there and Nadja suddenly announced that she was going to ring Anne to come down with the manuscript — of course! Whilst we waited for Anne I also armed myself with a few copies of the Illustrated book, so I now have them here at home if anyone wants to purchase!

There are 2 examples she showed me, but said that it was sergeanne golon much the flavour of the time. She was most anxious to make sure that I could see how close the script font style I had chosen resembled the actual copperplate? Then she showed me another example of a table place setting also presented in a similar manner.

Then, I was gob-smacked apologies for the expressionshe took out her Honorary membership card to compare from where she always keeps it — in the same pochette as her identity card, thus she has it with her always.

I was so touched I nearly cried. Well enough bragging — shortly after that we said our farewells again and we went home. The rest of the visit was loads of fun, Brigitte gave up a lot of her time to spend with us and on Sunday we went to her place for a delicious lunch and there met Elaine Hannah who is now resident in Paris.

After breakfast we decided to explore the old City and I desperately needed to find a florist — I always take Anne flowers as a mark sergeanne golon respect.