“[Sawyer] Bennett has scored a hat trick with the third installment in the Cold Fury Hockey series. It reads well as a stand-alone, and sports fans. Lee "Zack A Cold Fury Hockey Novel" por Sawyer Bennett con Rakuten Kobo. **“[Sawyer] Bennett has scored a hat trick with the third installment in the Cold. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Zack “Emotional, intense, funny, and sexy, Zack has it all. Zack: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Kindle edition by Sawyer Bennett. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks.


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Kate hides her beauty behind baggy clothes, glasses, and wearing her hair up in a tight bun, but it's pretty obvious she is going to be the one to melt Zack's heart.

She is going to be the one who will make him want to commit and walk down that aisle towards holy matrimony. So there will come a time where he sees her with her beautiful hair down, glasses off, and wearing something that was form fitting and barely covering her body.

Finally Sawyer bennett zack is starting to feel something in his nether regions, and maybe, even in his heart. But Zack convinces himself and Kate that he's not capable of loving any woman.

I loved Zack and I adored Kate. The chemistry between them is really amazing and I don't blame her for welcoming him into her bed most nights. But there were many times that I wanted to kick Zack in the balls. He could be really cruel. I understand he had feelings of guilt over Gina and he didn't really mean some of sawyer bennett zack things he said but still the guy needed an ass kicking.

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I slouch down in my seat, pulling my ball cap lower over my forehead. This causes me to have to tilt my head back a little bit farther sawyer bennett zack watch the show but keeps my face better obscured.

A sexy techno beat starts thrumming low, gradually building in decibels. A few whistles pierce the air, one redneck sounding a catcall. A rolling tide of mechanical fog slithers across sawyer bennett zack black lacquered stage and then swirling spotlights from the corners of the club start rotating.

A slight flutter at the pitch-black curtains that sit closed tight is the only indication that something is about to happen.

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A quick glance down at my phone that sits on the table in front of me shows that the time is almost midnight. Time for the grand finale of the evening.

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The moment all of the drunk and horny patrons of The Golden Box have been waiting for. I sawyer bennett zack the phone, but tip back the tequila shot sitting in front of me, my eyes sliding up to the stage as I set the glass back down.


I was completely lost in the pages and devoured each line. I was hooked on the characters and loved spending more time with old friends.

Zack (Cold Fury Hockey, #3) by Sawyer Bennett

I will never doubt Sawyer Bennett again. The heroine, Kate is adorkable!

I love nerdy heroines. She is a college student who just graduated with a child psychology degree and moving on to the Sawyer bennett zack program.

She is beautiful, but she hides in plain sight in clothes that are too big, glasses and a horrible hairstyle.


She is so positive no matter what hand she was dealt, just one of those people that you want to be around sawyer bennett zack they make you feel good. Now here is the reason I loved this book SO much.