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Old German Word for "tank"[ edit ] I am trying to confirm that the old German word pokopalisce smart notebook "tank" was "schutzengrabenvernichtungsautomobile". I would appreciate any help.

Google's search results make me believe it's just a joke by someone who wanted to invent a funny German word for tank. For them Panzerkampfwagen would be a more exact description. Clio the Muse Can't discount the above long name though.

Looking at A7V quote ". Given pokopalisce smart notebook a web search pokopalisce smart notebook "schutzengraben I remember the word distinctly!!!

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Ironically, I googled the word to see if I remembered such a long word correctly, to no avail, so I searched "Schutzengraben. So, it is a vehicle used to destroy trenches, or a trench crossing vehicle used for destruction. My guess is the latter, but it IS a valid word, albeit little known.

Unfortunately, I don't remember from whence it came. It might have been via a schoolfriend who was a tank pokopalisce smart notebook, or it might have been a Guinness Book of Records entry for long words; there was a German word describing a military rank that was 84 letters long!

Anyway, even if this is an authentic word, I would suggest that this was just an official name like the title of the engineering project to develop the vehiclerather than a noun that anyone actually used. I don't know where the the differences came from between mine and yours, but they all mean the same things.


I attended high schools in Gore, Timaru and Dunedin, New Zealand in the early s, and it was during that time that I came across this word: I, too, have memorized it over all these years and, recently, have been trying to get my 7-year-old granddaughter, who is learning German, to learn it.

Tonight, May 14,I thought I would check for it on the internet and came across this Wikipedia article. Pokopalisce smart notebook, I am adding this as confirmation that this word was being used, pokopalisce smart notebook many years ago, as a German name for a military tank.

Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Language/2006 December 11

He had a number of reference books on the war, included amongst which was a many-volumed version of "The Times History pokopalisce smart notebook the War", which is still in our possession. In this publication there is a photograph of an early German tank which is clearly labelled in the printed caption as a "Schutzengrabenvernichtungpanzerkraftwagen".

So at least as far as that most English of contemporaneous accounts was concernedthat was the pokopalisce smart notebook name given to the machine.

The English name, I am pokopalisce smart notebook, derived from a War Office "code word" for the device, which they had similar difficulty in naming. The Germans, like us, quickly shortened their long-winded compound noun to the more or less well-known "Panzer".

Aranzabal[ edit ] Does anyone know where the surname "Aranzabal" originates from?

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This website has some information but doesn't appear to be particularly authoritative. Underneath the Hebrew text are the words in block letters: What language pokopalisce smart notebook this? What does the text mean?