Transducers which converts light energy into electrical energy is known as Photoelectric transducers. There are different types of photoelectrical transducers: A photovoltaic cell or solar cell is an active transducer, which generates electricity when irradiated by sunlight. This photoelectric transducer was developed to measure diameter and length variations in arterial segments in vitro and in elastic tubes. Its construction is. Spie Press Book. Biofunctionalized Photoelectric Transducers for Sensing and Actuation. Author(s): George K. Knopf; Khaled M. Al-Aribe.


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Using prism or optical grating white light can be refracted and the necessary wavelength can photoelectric transducers selected with a displaceable slit monochromator.

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The radiation spectrum can be modified in a simpler cheaper way by using optical filters. The photoelectric transducers of this procedure lags behind the monochromator. Sensitivity over wavelength for different semiconductors used for manufacturing optical detectors.

Photoelectric Transducer

Characteristics can be further influenced by the material of the window used photoelectric transducers packaging. A photo is conducting transformation Fig. In spite of that used materials are semiconductor, photo conducting transducers not always are semiconductor devices, as they do not have transitions between the different types of semiconductors.

Such transducers are named passive, i. Photoemissive Cell The Photoemissive cell converts the photons into electric energy.


It consists the anode rode and the cathode plate. The anode and cathode are coated with a Photoemissive material called caesium antimony.

When photoelectric transducers radiation of light fall on cathode plates the electrons starts flowing from anode to cathode. Both the anode and the cathode are sealed in a closed, opaque evacuated tube.

What is Photoelectric Transducer? - Definition & Classification - Circuit Globe

When the radiation of light fall on the sealed tube, the electrons starts emitting from the cathode and moves photoelectric transducers the anode.

The anode is kept to the positive potential. Thus, the photoelectric current starts flowing through the anode. The magnitude of the current is directly proportional to the intensity photoelectric transducers light passes through it. Photoconductive Cell The photoconductive cell converts the light energy into an electric current.

To increase the sensitivity large number of a large number of resistors are employed.

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Basically, the materials are Ge, Si, Cadmium Selenide. When photoconductive cell got sufficient sunlight then its conductivity increases during and it photoelectric transducers like a closed switch.

If there is no light then the cell work as an open photoelectric transducers. A photovoltaic cell or solar cell is an active transducer, which generates electricity when irradiated by sunlight.

A P-type silicon photoelectric transducers N-type material are diffused to form a photovoltaic cell When a semiconductor material is exposed to light, photons of the light ray are absorbed by semiconductor crystal which causes significate number of free electrons in the crystal, this phenomenon is called photovoltaic effect.