The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas N. Graham Slim And Healthy You by Sahara Sanders The Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight by. The Miracle of Fasting by Paul C. Bragg. Excerpt from the book: The Greatest Discovery of Modern Times. In my opinion, the greatest discovery by modern man. Have anyone heard of Dr. Paul Bragg (he is not actually a doctor).? I read his book long time ago and did fasting and cleaning by his system.


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Paul Bragg

The book I read was printed in and is already celebrating the centenary of Bragg Health Stores. Bragg explains that Patricia has written paul bragg fasting of the book but for consistency, she has written as if she is him.


However, she appears to continue writing as him long after paul bragg fasting death insuggesting that he is still alive and kicking, conducting physical jerks on a beach in Waikiki.

My internet search dredged paul bragg fasting the inevitable truth that Bragg is a liar and a shyster, an opportunist life insurance salesman who reinvented himself as a health guru, adding fourteen years to his age in the process. His energy, as with many villains, was fuelled by an enabler, in this case his son's ex-wife who he may or may not have been in a sexual relationship with, despite calling her his daughter.

It seems that Bragg's most significant contribution to the wellness movement was inspiring health guru, Jack La Lanne.

For the rest, he appears to have lied as much as he could to make as much money as he could. Having said all this, I found The Miracle of Fasting almost un-put-downable.

The Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation

This year old has ranches in California, tanned skin and white teeth. He can go thirty days without eating, trek through Death Valley without food, and he shits Mercury.

What's not to like? Not only that, his message is credible. I have ordered a water distiller and stopped crossing my legs when I sit.

Full text of "The Miracle of Fasting"

In a small way, Bragg really has changed my life. But much of what he writes has been paul bragg fasting elsewhere. Kellogg went before him and the Skinny Bitches came after him and the news is always the same: Pulses, raw veg and juices good.

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Likely to publicize these businesses, paul bragg fasting also wrote a weekly health column in the early days they were "advertorials" in The Los Angeles Times from to which he sometimes called "Newslets" and other times "Health Notes".

The health services that business endeavors offered are described in the advertorials and columns.

The outcome of this lawsuit is unknown. His lectures were free, but he did charge a paul bragg fasting for post-lecture private consultation.

Since book stores or book departments in retail stores in that era were usually only accessible in the more highly populated areas, another purpose of Bragg's lecture tours was most paul bragg fasting to promote and sell his books.

Brownlee was an Advance Manager for the Bragg lectures; Bragg stated his age as 49, his residence as Hollywood, California, and his birthplace as Pinkle, Virginia. There is no record of Paul Bragg being counted in the U.

Paul Bragg - Wikipedia

Census, although Burbank, California city directories of paul bragg fasting time reflect his residence in that city from toand that his food manufacturing company, Live Food Products, Inc. Subsequently he relocated to Desert Hot Springs, California, and later in the s, at least part-time, to Hawaii.


Paul bragg fasting edit ] Bragg was reported to have died of a heart attack in the emergency room of South Shore Paul bragg fasting in Miami, Florida on December 7, Salads are healthy and appetizing, but often are deadly because of the use of insecticide sprays.

This year's crop of fruit and vegetables are exposed to more poisonous pesticide chemicals than ever before. You should constantly be on guard to protect your health.


Beware of that salad. It may fill your body with deadly poisons.

Living and Raw Foods: Excerpt - The Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg

A group of women were having lunch at a Miami hotel, and shortly afterwards, they were all seized with an attack of cramps. Then, nausea and dizziness followed. Pale and shaken from paul bragg fasting, the women were prostrate, until medical aid arrived.