Miceal Ledwith – The Origins of the Human Race and its Implications for our Spiritual Empowerment Today. Most people know that for several centuries Jewish. Miceal Ledwith, Ph.D. was Professor of Systematic Theology for sixteen years at Maynooth College in Ireland and subsequently served for ten years as. Micheál Ledwith was a former Catholic priest of the Diocese of Ferns in County Wexford from .. Review · St Patrick's College, Maynooth · Life & Career of Dr. Miceal Ledwith interviewed by David William Gibbons (Two Part Series)  ‎President of Maynooth · ‎Resignation and Abuse · ‎Gerard McGinnity · ‎Ferns Report.


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The senior management at St Patrick's College, Maynooth initially said that this had not occasioned Mgr Ledwith's departure, however in response to later revelations in the press Ledwith's successor, Monsignor Dermot Farrelland the Episcopal Trustees of the College issued a joint statement in admitting that an allegation had been made.

This process of investigation had commenced in or around but Ledwith, in the interim, came to a private legal settlement with the claimant which admitted no liability and included a confidentiality clause.

This, miceal ledwith said, frustrated the continuing inquiry.

Dr Ledwith remained in miceal ledwith at the College for another two years after his resignation, and continued his professorship. He also agreed to leave his rooms on the College campus at this time.

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Controversies surrounding Ledwith's appointment as President of St Patrick's College, Maynooth in were discussed in the national media in The Ferns Report said that the complaints related to alleged homosexual "orientation and propensity" rather than any improper conduct.

The then Bishop of Galway, Dr Eamon Caseyconducted a private investigation, and as no seminarian came forward to make a complaint, the matter was dropped.

In the immediate aftermath, as McGinnity's position was deemed untenable, he was required to leave the College, and Dr Ledwith's appointment was confirmed. In response to the reports, the Bishop trustees took an opportunity to re-examine the process of appointment, and retained Denis McCullough Senior Counsel to investigate whether the miceal ledwith made against Mgr Ledwith had received an adequate response.

McCullough's report, published on 16 Junefound that, while miceal ledwith seminarian had complained about Ledwith's conduct miceal ledwith the bishops directly, McGinnity had communicated "concerns of apparent propensities rather than accusations of actual crime or specific offences" to a number of bishops.

McCullough concluded that "to have rejected the senior dean's concerns so completely and so abruptly without any adequate investigation may have been too precipitate, although, of course, to investigate in any very full or substantial manner, a generic complaint regarding a person's apparent propensities would have been difficult".

Micheál Ledwith

Senator Mary Henry said: Cardinal Daly, one of the surviving bishops, indicated in his statement to the inquiry that it was entirely untrue that any seminarian had mentioned homosexuality to him in connection with Monsignor Ledwith. In connection with the accusation of sexual abuse against a minor the Inquiry was hampered by the confidentiality clause agreed between Ledwith and the complainant, and the Ferns Report was unable to make any specific finding.

It did, however, repeat the substance of accusations and noted miceal ledwith the complainant had alleged that the abuse began when he was 13 years old and lasted until he was The Inquiry discovered that the Diocese of Ferns had spent substantial monies providing counselling for the complainant, and noted that Fr Walter Forde, who had investigated the allegation on behalf of the Diocese, reported to Bishop Brendan Comiskey that he found the accusation as 'capable of being true'.


In response, Comiskey ordered Ledwith to attend a treatment centre in the United States inbut he declined and commenced proceedings against Dr Comiskey under canon law.

I can give you a hundred other examples. When you moved from your theological study into formal academic teaching, were you compelled to look deeper into these inconsistencies and bring about a more enlightened perspective? If we are interested in getting to the truth of things like that and miceal ledwith on the actual true sources, then how can we miceal ledwith what the sources tell us?


And that went okay with the miceal ledwith quo? I was not a solitary lone figure because there were many people trying to do the same thing.


But it was sort of a hit and run affair between the religious authorities and the people who were getting to the truth of things. It is sort of accepted in the church miceal ledwith the academics are generally considered the heretics at best.

Were you able to broaden the approach of specific theological questions into the curriculum while Maynooth University President, or were your duties more practical? With hundreds of academic staff and thousands of students, obviously only a very small percentage of those were students of theology, and fewer still of those theological students were students for the priesthood.

The Real Teaching of Jesus on Women - Miceal Ledwith

But there were many other involvements of miceal ledwith non-academic nature that had to do with the everyday running of the university. First of all, to find highly qualified staff to teach the increased numbers of students, secondly, construct buildings to accommodate them.

I call it a scramble because there was never a moment to spare. You had to not just look miceal ledwith the course of studies themselves as the most paramount thing, but also how to get that system up and going.

Say for instance, the whole question of how do you understand Jesus Christ?