Sport'nat Belgium organizes the 3rd round of their International Practical Camp: one week of Hébertism in the full sense of the term, this time in. Georges Hébert (27 April – 2 August ) was a pioneering physical educator in the French military who developed a system of physical education and training known as "la méthode naturelle" ("Natural Method"),  ‎Development of his system · ‎Legacy and influence · ‎Publications · ‎References. This is a channel about Méthode Naturelle - the training how Georges Hérbert defined it.


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Their bodies were splendid, flexible, nimble, skillful, enduring, resistant methode naturelle yet they had no other tutor in gymnastics but their lives in nature.

In the purely physical sense, the Natural Method promotes the qualities of organic resistance, muscularity and speed, towards being able to walk, run, jump, move on all fours, to climb, to keep balance, to throw, lift, defend yourself and to swim. In the "virile" or energetic sense, the system consists in having sufficient energy, willpower, courage, coolness, and firmness.

Georges Hébert - Wikipedia

In the moral sense, education, by methode naturelle the emotions, directs or maintains the moral drive in a useful and beneficial way.

The true Natural Method, in its broadest sense, must be considered as the result of these three particular forces; it is a physical, virile and moral synthesis.

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It resides not only in the muscles and the breath, but above all in the "energy" which is used, the will which directs it and the feeling which guides it. With regard to the development of virile qualities, this is obtained by the execution of certain difficult or dangerous exercises requiring the development of these various qualities, for example while seeking to control the fear of falling, methode naturelle jumping, of rising, of plunging, of walking on an unstable surface, etc.

The man to the right is Jean Bouinthe French mid-distance Olympic runner, who died at age 25 while fighting in the French army during the opening weeks of World War 1, in the year The training center was destroyed during World War 1. The swimming pool, located to the side of the large indoor training facility.

He was also an early advocate of the benefits of exercise for women. By following the natural method of synthesized physical, energetic and moral development, he wrote, women could develop self-confidence, will-power and athletic ability just as well as their male methode naturelle.

Methode Naturelle | The natural training for everybody

A training session consists, then, of exercises in an outdoor environment, perhaps a few hundred meters to several kilometers, during which, one walks, one runs, one jumps, one progresses quadrupedally, one climbs, one walks in unstable balance, one raises and one carries, one throws, one fights and one swims.

The marines adopted MN alreadythe Paris fire brigade in During the war,the Methode naturelle Army adopted MN for rehabilitation of soldiers after injury. According to his observations, a large number of men have been killed or injured methode naturelle because they were not able to fall to the ground quickly enough, hide themselves, or crawl with the minimum of visibility.


By MN was introduced by several, though not all, French military forces, along with Swedish gymnastics and sports. It was also adopted by diverse institutions: Universities, Schools, Scouts MN, in a modified version, also became the official system of physical education in methode naturelle schools.

Against the wide-spread believe, for G. The MN has spread to private schools, business schools, etc. MN was introduced in girl schools, boys and girls were trained in centers, female instructors, or monitrisse, were educated.

There also existed many of the centers that remained unknown, as one was completely independent in opening a center. No need for an organization, governmental approval or money, it is enough that a group of friends is interested in the method and practices together in a local park, using stones and trees.

Methode Naturelle

The number of methode naturelle went drastically down during the Second World War. He died on the same year.

From to22 centers were institutionalized, all of which operated for free. MN spread in the military as well as in schools, girls schools, methode naturelle movement, and it has merged methode naturelle the scouts.