BIOGRAPHIE COMPLETE D'A. DE LAMARTINE. by Sans Auteur. Our price: $Unavailable. *Estimated standard delivery time to Lebanon within 3 weeks. Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine, Knight of Pratz was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the Second  Notable works‎: ‎Graziella‎ . Épousa en le poète: Lamartine, Alphonse de . - D'origine anglaise. Autres formes du nom: Madame Alphonse de Lamartine Marianne de Lamartine Biographie Wikipedia. Elisa de Lamartine, dite aussi.


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Final years and legacy[ edit ] Lamartine photographed in He published volumes on the most varied subjects history, criticism, personal confidences, literary conversations especially during the Empire, when, having retired to private life and having become the lamartine biographie of his creditors, he condemned himself to what he calls "literary hard-labor in order to exist and pay his debts".

He died in Paris in Mistral is the most revered writer in lamartine biographie Occitan literature. He travelled to Lebanon, Syria and the Holy Land in — During that trip, while he was in Beirut, on 7 Decemberhe lost his only remaining child, Julia.

A valley in Lebanon is still called the Valley of Lamartine as a commemoration lamartine biographie that visit, and the Lebanon cedar forest still harbors the "Lamartine Cedar", which is said to be the cedar under which Lamartine had lamartine biographie years ago.

Lamartine was so influenced by his trip that he staged his epic poem La Chute d'un ange The Fall of an Angel in Lebanon.

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Raised by his mother to lamartine biographie animal life, he found the eating of meat repugnant, saying 'One does not have one heart lamartine biographie Man and one for animals. One has a heart or one does not'.


These last are what have been improperly called the People. Atheism Among the People, by Alphonse de Lamartine p.

There is a man in every parish, having no family, but belonging to a family that is worldwide; who is called in as a witness and adviser in all the important affairs of human life.

No one comes into the world or goes out of lamartine biographie without his ministrations.


He blesses and consecrates the cradle, the bridal chamber, the bed of death, and the bier. He is one whom innocent children instinctively venerate and reverence, and to whom men of venerable age come to seek for wisdom, and call him father; at whose feet men fall down and lay lamartine biographie the innermost thoughts of their souls, and weep their most sacred tears.

He is one whose mission is to console the afflicted, and soften the pains of body and soul; to whose door come alike the rich and the poor. He now became passionately attached to Charles, who, because of her vast connections in Pariswas able to help him find a position.

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In Lamartine married Maria Ann Birch, a young Englishwoman connected by marriage to the Churchills, and he finally joined the diplomatic corps, as lamartine biographie to the French embassy at Naples.

It brought to French lamartine biographie a new music; the themes were at the same time intimate and religious. If the vocabulary remained that of the somewhat faded rhetoric of the preceding century, the resonance of the sentences, the power of the rhythm, and the passion for life sharply contrasted with the often-withered poetry of the 18th century.

Political career Inwhen Louis-Philippe acceded to the throne as constitutional monarch after the Lamartine biographie RevolutionLamartine abandoned his diplomatic career to enter politics.

He refused to commit himself to the July Monarchy, however, and, preserving his independence, he set out to draw attention to social lamartine biographie.


After two unsuccessful attempts he was elected deputy in In —33 he travelled to LebanonSyriaand the Holy Land. He had by then definitively lost the Lamartine biographie faith he had tried to recover in ; a further blow was lamartine biographie death in Beirut, on December 7,of his only remaining child, Julia.