PENDAHULUAN Gagasan 1Malaysia bertujuan memperkukuhkan hubungan dan kerjasama antara rakyat pelbagai kaum di negara ini. 1Malaysia atau 'Satu Malaysia' adalah satu gagasan yang Ia adalah kesinambungan konsep daripada dua kepimpinan terdahulu dalam. 1Malaysia atau 'Satu Malaysia' adalah satu gagasan yang Ia adalah kesinambungan konsep daripada dua kepimpinan terdahulu dalam.


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Rais berkata kementerian juga berharap program seumpamanya dapat diserapkan dalam sesi-sesi bimbingan di institusi perguruan di seluruh negara.

The passion and commitment to duties and responsibilities of the foundation or konsep gagasan 1 malaysia most powerful weapon to achieve a success. The country needs people who are dedicated and committed to perform the duties and responsibilities with pride, determination and commitment to the interests and advancement.

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Malaysia also requires leaders who are friendly people and willing to sacrifice time, energy and financial and personal interests aside for the sake of the nation. Leaders who work with dedication and sincerity will get the support and respect from all walks of life. All people need to give priority to the interests of national allegiance and loyalty to the people and solve their own group.

This country is a country for all citizens, konsep gagasan 1 malaysia of race, religion, culture and politics. All people should assume that they are a nation of Malaysia in which everything should be enjoyed in common.

Aspek Konsep gagasan 1 malaysia — Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Aspirasi Nilai-nilai Aspirasi yang digagaskan dalam konsep 1Malaysia ialah nilai-nilai yang perlu ada pada masyarakat progresif dan dinamik yang akan memacu negara ke arah mencapai status negara maju.


Nilai-nilai aspirasi akan membantu dalam mewujudkan tenaga kerja yang berdaya maju dan mampu bersaing dalam persekitaran global dan ini seterusnya membantu melonjakkan kedudukan ekonomi negara ke tahap yang lebih kukuh dan konsep gagasan 1 malaysia.

Ia adalah peningkatan ketara dari sikap toleransi semata-mata.

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Prinsip-prinsip Kenegaraan yang berasaskan: Keadilan Sosial Semua rakyat Malaysia akan terbela dan tiada mana-mana pihak akan dipinggirkan. Keadilan ini mestilah mengambil kira taraf kemajuan kaum-kaum yang berada pada tahap yang berbeza.

Oleh itu, dasar-dasar kerajaan dan peruntukan-peruntukan Perlembagaan yang memberikan pembelaan kepada golongan yang memerlukannya, akan tetap dilaksanakan. Pencapaian Diutamakan' is the continuation of two concepts introduced by former Prime Minister. This concept is not something new. On the other hand "a 1 Malaysia, 'Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan', an effort that has konsep gagasan 1 malaysia been practiced.

Efforts to preserve and protect the interests of the people and the country has done since the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Efforts of our people and country were linked by the Prime-Prime Minister next. Konsep gagasan 1 malaysia Prime Minister has their own ideas, but the goal remains the same for the people and country.

GOAL '1 Malaysia' konsep gagasan 1 malaysia to maintain and enhance the unity in diversity which has always been the strength of Malaysia and its people, and this advantage will be maintained as our best hope for any challenge.

So did the other races, they claimed to do the same. While the line "and we take actions based on the needs of all ethnic groups in our country" more focused and concerned with the leadership.


This paragraph means that the konsep gagasan 1 malaysia leadership will serve and meet the needs and rights of all races and ethnic groups in Malaysia. Things are running in the shape of its own, namely, the leadership of the country serving the needs of each ethnic community through their representatives.

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Through a concept of Malaysia, the Prime Minister wants konsep gagasan 1 malaysia MPs to act beyond the boundaries of their people and expand their services to other communities.

Based on a definition of the concept of Malaysia as stated above, a Malaysia have different concepts as follows: But more to the concept of a Malaysia for the harmonization of the people in a different scope.

Najib says, "The government is committed to carrying out a transformation programme as its main agenda based on approaches and philosophy of 1Malaysia — people first, performance now.

He said the KPIs would provide motivation for every minister to perform well. Each ministry has been required to establish specific KPIs including that focus on policy outcomes over the traditional emphasis on inputs typically found in government performance assessments and planning.

Konsep gagasan 1 malaysia the public outcry Najib had to backtrack stating that this was a private sector initiative and that acceptance of the email accounts was voluntary.