Dhabt al Kitab (ضبط الكتاب) هو أن يصون كتابه . Rahman Fatchur, Overview Musthalahul Hadith, London: Maarif, 5. Kitab Musthalahul Hadits Pdf Download -> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1). By these translation activities, kitab kuning (Arabic books) are no longer On the area of musthalahul hadits, a book Mandz-. umah al-Baiq-. un-. i f-. i 'ilmi.


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Ternyata, menurut buku ini jumlah jenis hadist ada Dalam buku ini juga dijelaskan tentang apa itu hadist, sanad, matan, tingkatan hadist, sejarah pembukuan hadist, bagaimana syarat-syarat orang yang meriwayatkan hadist, dan para ulama hadis kitab musthalahul hadits beserta kitabnya.

Dhabit transmitters transmittersd.

Ilmu Musthalah Hadis by Mahmud Aziz

Syaz not narratedd. Narrated avoid illat qadihah illat that mencacatkannya. Shubhi Salih also provides guidelines that must be considered in view keshahihan a hadithnamely: Hadith Sahih Kitab musthalahul haditswhich continued until the top sanadnya.

Hadith is not authentic hadith narrated Syaz the narrator who is reliablebut he violated another narrator narrator - higher. Hadith Sahih hadith is not affected ' illat.


The whole figure sanad saheeh hadith was fair and accurate. Kitab musthalahul hadits definitions and guidelines expressed by muhaddisin on authentic hadith abovein different wordsbut did not show any difference in the understanding of characteristics of authentic hadith.

In other wordsthat an authentic Hadith saidif the tradition has continued sanad muttashil up to the prophet peace be upon him. Thus, if there is a hadith sanadnya munqathi 'mu'dal and muallaq and so onthen the hadith can not be regarded as authentic hadith.

Likewise with illat sebuat hadithif a hadith has illat kitab musthalahul hadits Syazit can not be called authentic hadith. Although the definitions and guidelines set forth by muhaddisin on authentic hadith above there is no difference in the understanding of the characteristics of authentic traditionsbut in the application of each of these requirements are sometimes not the samefor example in terms of linkage sanadsome say that what is meant with continued sanadnya is the narrator when the narrator next thabaqah should really be " handing over " traditionthe handover events can be seen from the editor so it is not enough to ensure that the process because it is not enough just to direct the transfer.

Ilmu Musthalah Hadis

Various Hadith Sahih The authentic hadith hadith scholars divide into two kinds: Saheeh li Dzatihithe hadith which includes all the terms or nature is perfect Maqbul traditioncalled " authentic li Dzatihi " because it has met all the requirements authenticand do not need the history of others to arrive at the peak keshahihankeshahihannya has been reached with sendirinya.

Untuk more detailsthe following examples of the hadith kitab musthalahul hadits by al - Bukhari: Saheeh li ghairihinamely hadith hasan li dzatihi not perfectly meet the highest requirements Maqbul hadithwhich is narrated through another chain of transmission of the same or stronger than hercalled Hadith Sahih li ghairihi as predicate keshahihannya sanad achieved through supporting others.

Hadith is considered by muhaddisin as Hadith Sahih li ghairihi as kitab musthalahul hadits above.

At the sanad of hadiththere is Muhammad ibn ' Amrknown honest peoplebut kedhabitannya less than perfectso the hadith narrations only up to the level of hasan. However keshahihan hadith is supported by the presence of another traditiona higher degree as the hadith related by al - Bukhari from Abu Hurairah A'raj of the Hadith Sahih li dzatihi example.

Another study conducted an investigation in which Hadith kitab musthalahul hadits the second source of Islamic law after Qur'an and an researchers tried to research the differences between al-Quran explanation of verses of the Qur'an. Today, there are many hadiths the holy words and statements of God in the Islamic religion that appear and that are doubtful of its authenticity.

The number and hadiths statements said by the prophet Muhammad [5]. The classification of hadith is required to of the hadith whether or not it is a sahih hadith. The research know a hadith including dhaif weakmaudhu fabricated or sahih that attempts to do literature on hadith has been done by authentic hadith.

Kitab Arab Tatabahasa

The sahih hadith identification is made to applying sociological methods to examine the transmission of prevent the use of weak and fabricated hadiths in everyday life. Training data used for the classification consist of proposed the use of information technology in the form of hadiths, and data testing consist of 72 hadiths.

The results of classification method to know the type of Hadith whether it is identification of the data testing resulted in 56 hadiths with the sahih, dhaif, or maudhu hadith by looking at its characteristics. The result gave an or kitab musthalahul hadits that describes and distinguishes a data class or error value of 0.

Classification has been widely used in kitab musthalahul hadits of sahih hadith.