Chromebooks can do a lot, but unfortunately they don't support iTunes. That doesn't mean you've lost all the music you bought but switching to. A step-by-step tutorial on how to access your iTunes music library on a Chromebook. Most of us at one point have owned an iPod, and if you want to move your iTunes library from your desktop to your Chromebook, it can be a bit.


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But itunes for chromebook about your music collection? Most of us at one point have owned an iPod, and if you want to move your iTunes library from your desktop to your Chromebook, it can be a bit unclear how to make the transition.

How to use iTunes for Chromebook - A quick guide to import your tunes

itunes for chromebook With some time and patience, you move your entire iTunes library into the cloud for absolutely free using Google Play Music, with the ability to access it from your iPhone, Chromebook, Android device, or any other platform with a web browser. Your library can be added automatically from iTunes, Windows Media Player, or simple folders on your device, and you can listen to your collection on any computer, phone, or tablet.

All for free, without any paid subscriptions or limitations. Once you open the installer, Google will automatically download and install the full application to your computer, which will open once the installation is complete.

Google will then ask you if your music is already kept in a specific location.


For most users, you can select iTunes from this menu, which is where the majority of your music will itunes for chromebook kept. If you keep music outside of iTunes—say, you keep your content in Windows Media Player or a select group of folders—you can select those from this option too.

Choose an appropriate format for Pixelbook. There are many output options you can set from Format list.

How to Watch iTunes Movies and TV Shows on Chromebook

After the above settings, check listed iTunes movies needed to convert, then itunes for chromebook Convert button to start iTunes movies to MP4 conversion. You can check the progress from the conversion percentages.

You can also click Stop to abort the conversion. Now you need to activate the music service. Open the Google Play Music web interface in Chrome. Click on the menu in the top left corner itunes for chromebook the screen three horizontal bars.

Install itunes on chromebook - Apple Community

Click on Upload Music. Enter a form of payment by clicking on Add Card. Enjoy iTunes Movies itunes for chromebook Chromebook Part 1. Can I Run iTunes on Chromebook Chromebook offers a simple way for users to complete multiple tasks mainly through the Chrome browser.

In May,Google announced that it will make the Android apps available on Chromebook by using the Google Play platform. The number of Android apps supported by Chromebook is increasing.