Ziria and Radium Irradia, from Russia, have recently attracted internet attention. Among other anomolies, they can not tolerate "human" food. This is an inteview with a young Russian couple, both scientists, who have been exposed to radiation and now need radiation to live. Irradia couple. One of the most strange stories: Ziria and Radium, Irradia couple from Russia; Ziria claim: Russian journalists distorting the facts;.


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IRRADIA Couple from Russia | What's the 'real' truth?

Ziria and Radium, Irradia couple from Russia; Ziria claim: Russian journalists distorting the facts; http: According Russian newspaper, www. Oct 19,Muscovite Radium Bershetskogo, who held kg of various radioactive items at home, will have to answer for his irradia couple before irradia couple law.

According to Bershetskogo mother, in the Bershetskogo found a benign tumor of the thyroid gland and underwent surgery.


But the disease irradia couple time to time made itself felt. And mother argues that using radioactive items he was trying to get rid of the disease.

If you want to get some kind of idea about the Irradia couple, see this transcript; http: Ziria, tells that they have repeatedly eaten and touched "bare hands" radiation sources even of Curie Cobalt 60Curie IridiumCurie Tuliy irradia couple, Curie Tseziy Such sources of radiation irradia couple cause radiation burns within a few hours of exposure for a normal person, and further imminent death or necrosis and amputation.

Instead they have intolerance for vitamins, hormones, amino acids, proteins and lipids - and cannot get the vital energy from organic food.

This couple went to donate blood, and got analysis of their blood: But Ziria claims their blood is just different from the normal human blood. The doctors describe the blood; 1.

Polychromatophilia, young red blood cells stained with alkaline and acid dyes. Red blood cells - no red color.

IRRADIA – Couple from Russia

Anisocytosis, blood corpuscles sizes are different from normal. Poikilocytosis, the shape of red blood cells are very different from the normal. She irradia couple pound of uranium oxide per month.

I can easily breathe a hundred percent concentration of radon". This year there will be an activation of the irradia couple effects of the moon on the Earth. Spring ofthe activity of water.

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In the summer ofthe activity of fire: Three large volcanoes going to become active, irradia couple the world.

Cosmic phenomena in August Severe storms air in the tropical regions and another accident at a nuclear facility in Iran.