Here we give steps by step way to wear the ihram according to the Sunnah when in Hajj and Umrah. Diagram and video demonstrating how to wear ihram. Ihram clothing (Ahram clothing) includes men's and women's garments worn by Muslim people For example, the exact number of days a pilgrim is required to wear ihram varies according to the type of pilgrimage the individual is performing.


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This was proven by the hadeeth that was narrated by Aisha when she said: When they had passed by, we would uncover our faces again.


Do not place a cover i. Wearing a cap by the Muhrim Wearing a turban by the Muhrim Wearing of trousers by the Muhrim Sunshade for the Muhrim 2- Wearing of fitted garments by males What how to wear ihram meant by fitted garments: Any material sewn to fit the figure of the whole body or part of it, e.

If a person forgets his Ihram attires in his travelling bag in the plane or ship, and does not have a loincloth with him, he should remove his clothes and assume How to wear ihram in his trousers, and wrap his shirt around his body in the manner of a robe; he continues like this until he reaches the port and so finds his Ihram attire, which he should then put on as prescribed.

The person commits no sin if he does this.

How to wear the Ihram in Hajj and Umrah according to the Sunnah

Furthermore, if he does not have a pair of sandals he can put on khuffs leather socks. And also His statement: What is meant by land game is every wild animal or bird that is permissible for consumption.

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However, domestic animals are not regarded as game. Thus, it is permissible for the Muhrim to slaughter chickens, livestock etc.

How to wear Ihram – Start Of Journey

As for sea animals, they are permissible. This is due to the statement of Allah the Exalted: As for animals that are forbidden to be eaten such as snakes, scorpions etc, their killing is permissible.

It is permissible for the Muhrim to kill any animal that is harmful, if he cannot defend himself by other than killing it. Snake Water game is permissible for the Muhrim.

3 Ways to Wear an Ihram - wikiHow

Steps for entering the Ihraam for Men This is only for men where they have two sheets unstitched - first is to cover the lower part by wrapping it around the waist The other sheet is thrown over the how to wear ihram.

According to the ulema it is permissible to wear a belt to hold the bottom sheet which can be handy especially to keep your passport and other valuables. Steps for entering the state of Ihraam for Women There are no ihram clothing for women but there are certain guidelines which women should follow such as they are not allowed to cover their face and hands while in ihram state.

How to wear ihram actions or things are allowed when in the state of ihram One can wear the following hand watch, contactspectacles, personal valuable belt, ring etc.

Ihram clothing

How to wear ihram clothing, however, varies considerably and reflects regional as well as religious influences, but they often do not wear special clothing or cover their faces.

Ihram also contributes to a feeling of unity that pilgrims have when they are in the city of Meccathat they are all brothers and sisters joined to worship God.

Although it is simply an item of clothing to be worn during the pilgrimage, there are many competing views on the proper wearing of ihram.