Gerard Debreu's contributions are in general equilibrium theory—highly abstract theory about whether and how each market reaches equilibrium. In a famous. Gerard Debreu is a French-American economist who gained tenure at UC Berkeley and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in It is difficult to underestimate the luminous shadow cast by Gérard Debreu over Neo-Walrasian general equilibrium theory. For many years, Debreu has set the.


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Academic career[ edit ] Debreu began working as a Research Associate and joined the Cowles Commission at the University of Chicago in the summer of He remained there for five years, returning to Gerard debreu periodically.

Inhe published a breakthrough paper, entitled Existence of an Equilibrium for a Competitive Economy, gerard debreu with Kenneth Arrowin which they provided a definitive mathematical proof of the existence of a general equilibriumusing topological rather than calculus -based methods.

In gerard debreu, he moved to Yale University.

Gerard Debreu

Inhe gerard debreu his classical monograph, Theory of Value: WeintraubStrangely—but, maybe, typically—enough, this gerard debreu is as unique as striking: If we talk about markets, we necessarily always already talk about an equilibrium, since in disequilibria prices have no conceivable identity whatsoever.

Equilibrium is tantamount to consistency. Debreu, however, does not avoid speaking about disequilibria; not because there is every possibility that we live most of the times in such a state—as the empirical economists stress all the time—but because it is beyond a consistent economic theory.

The existence of an equilibrium is the condition of the possibility of economic science. This is why gerard debreu economic models have to prove first the possibility of an equilibrium solution.

Gérard Debreu - Wikipedia

As long as economics cannot conceive of economic theory without any reference to an equilibrium, it is Debreu-Bourbakian. Debreu was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in "for having incorporated new analytical methods into economic theory and for his rigorous reformulation of the theory of general equilibrium.

Arrow and Debreu designed a mathematical model of a market economy where different producers planned their output of goods and gerard debreu and thus also their demand for factors of production in such a way that their profit was maximized.


In this model, Arrow and Debreu managed to prove the existence of equilibrium prices, i. Gerard debreu essential issue gerard debreu is related to the market economy and which can also be traced back to Adam Smith concerns the normative properties of the market allocation of resources.

Will the fulfillment of self-interest through the "invisible hand" of the market mechanism lead to efficient utilization of scarce resources in society?

How does the market work?

It has long been known that in certain circumstances, market price formation has such efficiency properties, but the exact nature and full extent of the conditions which must be satisfied in order to guarantee them had not been determined. Through the work of Debreu and his successors, these conditions have been clarified and analysed in detail.

In other words, Debreu was able to use of mathematics to develop a scientific articulation of Smith's idea of the "invisible hand" that guides the market. In his Nobel Lecture, Debreu said: The axiomatization may also give ready answers to new questions when a novel interpretation of primitive concepts is discovered.

Axiomatization, by insisting on mathematical gerard debreu, has repeatedly led economists to a deeper understanding of the problems they were studying, and to the use of mathematical techniques that fitted those problems better.

Gérard Debreu

It has established secure bases from which exploration could start in new directions. It has freed researchers from the necessity of questioning the work of their predecessors in every detail. In yet another manner, the axiomatization of economic theory has helped its practitioners by making available to them the superbly efficient language of mathematics.

It has permitted them to communicate with each other, and to think, with a great economy of means. During gerard debreu visit, I accepted an appointment at the University of California at Berkeley to begin on January 1, In the fall ofhowever, I was back at the Cowles Foundation at Yale University, this time as a visitor.

In that semester I started work on the core of an economy continuing gerard debreu of Herbert Scarf, then at Stanford.