2, , public letter was written by Lord Arthur Balfour to Baron Walter Rothschild, the head of the British wing of the influential European. The Balfour Declaration was issued in the form of a letter from the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur James Balfour, to Lord Rothschild. It was delivered to. Deklarasi Balfour dan juga persyaratanpersyaratan yang terdapat dalam Mandat, mengakui adanya hakhakpara ras orang yang tahu tentang.


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Decision to prepare a declaration[ edit ] A copy of Lord Rothschild's initial draft declaration, together with its covering deklarasi balfour, 18 Julyfrom the British War Cabinet archives.

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American consent and War Cabinet approval[ edit ] As part of the War Cabinet discussions, views were sought from ten "representative" Jewish leaders.

The decision to release the declaration was taken by the British War Cabinet on 31 October This followed discussion at four War Cabinet meetings including the 31 October meeting over the space of the previous two months. These included the views of government ministers, war allies — notably from President Woodrow Wilson — deklarasi balfour in October, formal submissions from six Zionist leaders and four non-Zionist Jews.

There was a very strong and enthusiastic organisation, more particularly in the United States, who were zealous in this matter, and his belief was that it would be of most substantial assistance to the Allies to have the earnestness and enthusiasm of these people enlisted on our side.

To do nothing was to risk a direct breach with them, and it was necessary to face this situation. This Movement, though opposed by a number of wealthy Jews in this country, had behind it the deklarasi balfour of a majority of Jews, at all events in Russia and America, and possibly in other countries Balfour then read a very sympathetic declaration by the French Government which had been conveyed to the Zionists, and he stated that he knew that President Wilson was extremely favourable to the Movement.

The vast majority of Jews in Russia and America, as, indeed, all over the world, now appeared deklarasi balfour be favourable to Zionism.

If we could make a declaration favourable to such an ideal, we should be able to carry on extremely useful propaganda both in Russia and America.

The original text of deklarasi balfour declaration had read "Palestine should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people.

In his memoirs, Lloyd George wrote: The Balfour Declaration represented the convinced policy of all parties in our country and also in America, but the launching of it in was due, as I have said, to propagandist reasons.

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David Lloyd George, Memoirs, deklarasi balfour In other words, the policy was backed because of the traditional support of many Britons for Jewish restorationa support echoed by several US Presidents as well.

However, there were specific reasons for issuing the declaration in That is, as noted, the British believed, without much foundation, that "the Jews" were influential in Bolshevik Russia and likewise that Jewish financiers controlled untold wealth that could be put at the disposal of the allies or the Central powers depending on which government would support a Jewish state or national home in Palestine.

The International Jew: Membongkar Makar Zionisme Internasional - Henry Ford - Google Книги

In his memoirs, Lloyd Deklarasi balfour continued to exaggerate the power of the Jews and the help that they rendered: The Germans were equally alive to the fact that the Jews of Russia wielded considerable influence in Bolshevik circles.

The Zionist Movement was exceptionally strong in Russia and America. Deklarasi balfour Germans were, therefore, engaged actively in courting favour with that Movement all over the world.

A friendly Russia would mean not only more food and raw material for Germany deklarasi balfour Austria, but fewer German and Austrian troops on the Eastern front and, therefore, more available for the West. These considerations were brought to our notice by the Foreign Office, and reported to the War Cabinet.


The support of the Zionists deklarasi balfour the cause of the Entente would mean a great deal as a war measure. Quite naturally Jewish sympathies were to a great extent anti-Russian, and therefore in favour of the Central Powers.


No ally of Russia, in fact, could escape sharing that immediate and inevitable penalty for the long and savage Russian persecution of the Jewish race. In addition to this, the German General Staff, with their wide outlook deklarasi balfour possibilities, urged, early inthe advantages of promising Jewish restoration to Palestine under an arrangement to be made between Zionists and Turkey, backed by a German guarantee.

The practical difficulties were considerable; the subject was perhaps dangerous deklarasi balfour German relations with Turkey; and the German Government acted cautiously.

The Balfour Declaration -

But deklarasi balfour scheme was by no means rejected or even shelved, and at any moment the Allies might have been forestalled in offering this supreme bid. In fact in September,the German Government were making very serious efforts to capture the Zionist Movement. Another most cogent reason for the adoption by the Allies of the policy of the declaration lay in the state of Russia herself.