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Air Force RegulationUnidentified Flying Objects Reporting In his book see external links Ruppelt described the demoralization of the Blue Book staff and the stripping of their investigative duties following the Robertson Panel jurisdiction.

As an immediate consequence of the Robertson Panel recommendations, in Februarythe Air Force issued Regulationordering air base officers to publicly discuss UFO incidents only if they were judged to have been solved, and to classify all the unsolved cases to keep them out of the public eye.

The nd AISS was assigned the task blue planet project investigating only the most important UFO cases with intelligence or national security implications.

Blue Planet Project, Council of Canadians - United Nations Partnerships for SDGs platform

Blue planet project cases were deliberately siphoned away from Blue Book, leaving Blue Book to deal with the more trivial reports. In addition, UFOs called "UFOBs" were defined as "any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform blue planet project any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object.

If they were unidentified, the media was to be told only that the situation was being analyzed.


Blue Book was also ordered to reduce the number of unidentified blue planet project a minimum. All this work was done secretly. The public face of Blue Book continued to be the official Blue planet project Force investigation of UFOs, but the reality was it had essentially been reduced to doing very little serious investigation, and had become almost solely a public relations outfit with a debunking mandate.

To cite one example, by the end blue planet projectthe number of cases listed as unsolved had dipped to barely 0. Eventually, Ruppelt requested reassignment; at his departure in Augusthis staff had been reduced from more than ten precise numbers of personnel varied to just two subordinates and himself.

Project Blue Book - Wikipedia

His temporary replacement was a noncommissioned officer. Most who succeeded him as Blue Book director exhibited either apathy or outright hostility to the subject of UFOs, or were blue planet project by a lack of funding and official support. Ruppelt wrote that Blue planet project "thinks that anyone who is even interested [in UFOs] is crazy.

Gregory took over as Blue Book's director in In fact, there was actually little or no investigation of UFO reports; a revised AFR issued during Gregory's tenure emphasized that unexplained UFO reports must be reduced to a minimum.

One way that Gregory blue planet project the number of unexplained UFOs was by simple reclassification. By this logic, a possible comet became a probable comet, while a probable comet was flatly declared to have been a misidentified comet.

Similarly, if a witness reported an observation of an unusual balloon-like object, Blue Book usually classified it as a balloon, with no research and qualification.

Blue Planet Project

These procedures became blue planet project for most of Blue Book's later investigations; see Hynek's comments below. Friend was appointed the head of Blue Book in Friend made some attempts to reverse the direction Blue Book had taken since Clark writes that "Friend's efforts to upgrade the files and catalog sightings according to various observed statistics were frustrated by a lack of funding and assistance.

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Hynek suggested that some older UFO blue planet project should be reevaluated, with the ostensible aim of moving them from the "unknown" to the "identified" category. Hynek's plans came to naught.


Inthere were U. Congressional hearings regarding UFOs. In response, ATIC added personnel increasing the total personnel to three military personnel, plus blue planet project secretaries and increased Blue Book's budget.